a wettowel is a large, hygienic, single use refresher towelette used across various industries for the benefit of all staff, clients, patrons, passengers and guests.

widely used within the airline, hospitality, travel, healthcare and wellness industries, wettowels are also ideal for travel packs, guest amenities, picnic hampers, first aid kits, sporting activities, promotional giveaways and special events.

each wettowel provides the user with a soft, refreshing towelette for them to use anywhere, anytime, and offers a simple, convenient, hygienic and superior alternative to traditional towelettes.

wettowels are extremely versatile and greatly appreciated by all users, creating a positive impression and value added service to enhance the image of any organization.

as an innovative, practical and cost effective marketing tool, wettowels can easily be customized using your corporate logo or company slogan with unlimited colour and design options.